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NEW Product: Lid Sling Hook

Lid Sling Hook — T&T Tools

T&T Tools, Inc.

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From grates to maintenance holes, you come across a variety of covers you move from day to day. When you need a tool that will do the heavy lifting for you, turn to T&T Tools Inc.

Product Description

Experience convenience with our innovative lid sling hook. This pocket-sized utility lid removal tool is extremely compact and portable. It's designed by experienced field techs to work with many different maintenance hole covers, grates and handhole lids, so the lid sling hook is ideal for a range of professionals, from utility locators and field technicians to inspectors and surveyors. We currently offer this 

Lid Sling Hook ShortThe Lid Sling Hook Short is the perfect solution for various applications, excelling particularly in handling Manhole Covers and Hand Hole Lids with ease. Its compact design ensures efficient lifting and maneuvering, making it an indispensable tool for your lid-handling needs.

Lid Sling Hook LongDesigned for versatility and strength, the Lid Sling Hook Long is your go-to choice for lifting tasks involving Manhole Covers and Sewer Grates. Its extended length provides added control. Allowing for the hook to grab thicker grates.

Please Note: Additional tools may be needed to remove some covers that are "stuck" or "partially paved over", etc.  We suggest using a Pry Bar to release stuck and seized manhole covers.

Working Range: Max 300 lbs. 

Common Uses:

Our lid sling hook is great for lifting and pulling Manhole covers, Vault covers, storm grates and many more various tasks.

Why Choose a Lid Sling Hook?

This manhole lid lifter tool is more than a manhole lid lifter — it's ready to multitask and take the weight off your back. Our lid sling hook is:

Convenient and Pocket-Sized: This hook is the ideal size for portability. Put it in your toolbox, glove box or even your pocket, and it'll be ready when you need it.

Easy to use: Place the lid sling hook in a hole or slot, and you're all set to lift — the tool's user-friendly design makes cover removal simple.

Versatile: You don't need multiple tools to lift different kinds of covers. This versatile hook removes them all with ease.

Durable: Made with high-quality stainless alloy steel, this hook is built to withstand the toughest conditions you see in the field, allowing you to rely on it for years of dependable use.

Purchase T&T's Lid Sling Hook Today! 

Invest in the Lid Sling Hook and experience a world of convenience and efficiency in your daily work. Our tools are expertly crafted for the comfort, convenience and function you need on the job.

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