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NEW Product: Lid Sling Hook

Handy Hook

T&T Tools, Inc.

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Multi-purpose back-saving tool.

The Handy Hook
(tm) is designed for those hard to reach lifting jobs such as:

  • Lifting riser covers
  • Opening steel grates
  • Lifting septic tank lids
  • Pulling skids in trucks
  • Moving machinery
  • Moving portable toilets

The 3/8" Standard Duty Handy Hooks are only recommended for light to moderate loads.  The 1/2" Heavy Duty Hooks can be used for the same or even heavier loads.

The single hook end is a general purpose hook that is the most versatile of the three hook styles.

The pump hook end is a deeper hook style which better secures the item being lifted.

The dual pronged hook provides stability while lifting riser covers or septic tank lids.


  • Bright color, easy to see
  • Comfortable, smooth
  • Durable vinyl softens impact


  • Sturdy 1"x11" solid steel (not the stainless steel model)
  • Big enough to grip with both hands even when wearing gloves


  • Resists permanent bends

The steel handle and shaft of the HH30 and HH45 are threaded and welded to ensure a secure connection and alignment.  The HHSS16's handle is welded only.

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