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T&T Tools, Inc.

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Extension Rod Coupler 

Reach remarkable depths of 25 feet with ease using an extension rod coupler from T&T Tools Inc. We manufacture products that make probing easier and safer. Our commitment to producing quality tools extends beyond professional use — as such, we've created rod couplers that are versatile enough to cater to different rod sizes, including 1/2", 3/8" and 7/16".

  • C1-R: Used for 3/8" and 7/16" rods
  • C1-X: Used for 3/8" and 7/16" rods - hex shape for use with a wrench
  • C2: Used for the 1/2" rods

What Is a Rod Coupler?

The main function of a rod coupler is to extend probe and hammer tools to test deeper underground. Our T&T coupler suits various probe models and sizes. Whether you have the Mighty Probe, the Smart Stick or the Striking Head probe, we have a rod coupler style to fit the shaft. 

To ensure quality and longevity, we prioritize:

  • Stellar workmanship: We only use quality materials to create tools that last for years.
  • Innovative designs: We offer unique styles for our rod couplers to cater to different probe tools.
  • Safety features: We incorporate safety into all our products through usage of relevant materials and ergonomic designs. 

Couplers for Different Probes

At T&T Tools, we provide a collection of tools that cater to specific needs — and the same is true for our extension rod couplers. We have three options for the coupler, each of which is compatible with a particular probe dimension. Keep in mind that these couplers come in a single piece and are not sold in packs. 

Choose from the following products:

  • C1-R coupler: This style is for round and hex rod types with 3/8" or 7/16" dimensions — it can fit the 3/8" Mighty Probe round tool. 
  • C1-X coupler: Connect this tool to rods with round and hex shapes. The diameter of the rod shaft should be 3/8" or 7/16", meaning it can fit the Mighty Probe hex tool in either of these sizes. 
  • C2 coupler: Add this coupler to 1/2" round shafts to extend the rods.

Probe Deeper With T&T Tools Inc.

We are experts in manufacturing subsurface hand tools and have a proven track record of excellent service. Our comprehensive product inventory covers more than just rod couplers and probe tools. We also have heat-treated hooks crafted to open covers easily. Additionally, our offerings include a selection of specialty items to enhance performance and different handle assemblies designed as replacement components for our probes.

As industry leaders, we take pride in our materials and manufacturing processes. All of our tools and accessories are sourced and crafted in the U.S. 

Because we build quality, long-lasting products, our audience is expansive — we support various fields and even home inspectors. Sectors that use our rod couplers and other subsurface hand tools include:

  • Wastewater management
  • Construction 
  • Oil and gas 
  • Safety equipment 
  • Environment consultancy

Ensure Productivity and Safety With T&T Tools

Invest in an extension rod coupler that you can use to check subsurfaces and improve the overall probing process. With T&T Tools, you get safe, high-quality products, and you can trust that we will prioritize your satisfaction. Our customer-centric approach has kept our buyers satisfied for years. 

Browse our wide array of probe tools and accessories, and send us a message at if you need any help choosing the right coupler for your needs. You can also speak to us directly by calling 888-521-7122. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to answer your inquiries and provide expert advice. 

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