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Alien - You've Been Probed

T&T Tools, Inc.

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Once upon a starry night, in a far-off galaxy, a curious little alien named Zorg was out exploring the cosmos. With his trusty spaceship, the UFO-9000, Zorg zipped through the vast expanse of space, eager to discover new worlds and intergalactic wonders.

One fateful day, while zooming past a particularly peculiar planet called Earth, Zorg's spaceship detected an unusual signal emanating from the planet's surface. Intrigued, Zorg steered his ship closer for a better look.

As he descended through the Earth's atmosphere, Zorg noticed a bright, yellow handle coming from a backyard in a quaint suburban neighborhood. Curiosity piqued, he landed his spacecraft nearby and ventured out to investigate.

To his amazement, Zorg stumbled upon a backyard where humans were gathered around a septic tank, with a Mighty Probe from T&T Tools in hand. Mesmerized by the odd contraption and the flurry of activity, Zorg decided to observe from a safe distance.

But as he watched the humans using the septic tank locator tool and ground probe rod, Zorg couldn't help but feel a strange sensation in his rear end—a sensation he had never experienced before!

Confused and alarmed, Zorg turned around to find himself face-to-face with the Mighty Probe, which had been carelessly left sticking out of the ground. The humans burst into laughter as Zorg realized he had unwittingly sat on the probe, mistaking it for one of his alien gadgets!

Embarrassed but amused, Zorg chuckled along with his newfound human friends, realizing that even in the vastness of space, a good prank knows no bounds. And from that day forward, Zorg made sure to double-check before taking a seat near any Earthly tools—lest he become the butt of another cosmic joke!

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