Storm Grate Remover

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The SGR (Storm Grate Remover) is a Patent Pending storm grate remover designed for removing rectangular, square, and round open hole storm grates for sewer maintenance.

The SGR was designed by an industry veteran who found it necessary to design a tool which makes the task of removing and replacing storm grate covers easier and more controlled.

The tool inserts through the slots of any open hole cover, securely engaging the underside of cover, allowing it to be removed in a safe and controlled manner. And because the tool remains in place and upright, the task of moving the cover back into position is made even easier. 

The SGR will help prevent back injuries and pinched fingers, since the operator is standing upright and no longer bent over trying to move the cover by hand.

Overall Size 34.5"    Note: The SGR folds up for easy storage.

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