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The Slide Adapter is available for use with the Mighty Probe. This converts the Mighty Probe into a mini slide hammer probe. The Slide Adapter threads between the shaft and handle of the Mighty Probe. It has a 6" stroke and adds 8" to the overall length of the probe. The standard Slide Adapter weighs 1.6 lbs and the Heavy Duty Slide Adapter weighs 5.6 lbs making it easier to drive in extremely hard grounds.

The Slide Adapter and Pin allow you to lock the shaft in place so your probe feels like a one-piece solid probe.

The Slide Adapter Adapter is necessary if you plan on using a Slide Adapter with a Striking Head Probe.  The Striking Head Probe is counter-bored and this adapter is necessary to make sure the threads of the Slide Adapter are completely engaged.

**** WARNING: Please note that the Smart Stick will NOT work with the Slide Adapter.   It is designed to work with the Mighty Probe. ****

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